Discover our leathers

When we choose raw materials such as leathers, zippers, thread or metal accessories, we always go straight to the producerswe have knownfor several years. Over time we have learned to select the best materials that guarantee our products greater quality and durability.

The most important material we use is vegetable tanned leather. It is slowlytanned with natural substances called tannins that gives the leather unique characteristics such as resistance to time and patinas.
This ancient process datesback to the Middle Ages andModena has a long lasting tradition of leather working.

Vegetable tanned leather is also consideredan ecological sustainable material because it is the recovery of animal waste destined tothe food industry. The “cuoio”, or vegetable tanned leather, is durable and adapts to the life of the person who wears it.

Our objects change over time, they age, they tell our story.

Together withcowhide vegetable tanned leather we also use other exotics materials such as crocodile, eel, python and Galuchat stingrayhides.

We choosehigh quality accessoriesto make our items:buckles are made ofsolid brass,zippersand snaps are from the global Japanese producer YKK. We use Gütermann resistant polyester thread for machine sewing andwe also hand stitch with organic thread some parts of the products for a stronger usage.

The connection of these elements gives life to the products of our workshop, La Vacchetta Grassa.