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We, craftsmen of La Vacchetta Grassa, draw, produce and sell only items of our own brand.

Since 1979 the workshop is well known for the production of bags, wallets and belts. It doesn’t follow fashion trends but it takes inspiration from classic models redesigned in a modern key.

Every product we create starts from a draft. We make the first prototype, andthen we start to use it in order to understand the changes it needs to be perfect; only at this point we begin the production.Each piece is designed for people’s habits and needs over the years.We create products that last forever. The parts which are used the most are often reinforced with extra stitches or leather and can be repairable.

Foralmost 40 years we have developed ongoing collections for every use: women’s bags, men’s purses, travel bags, backpacks, work bags.

We produce classic style men and women’s wallet, credit cards holder, keyholders and others.

We only use vegetable tanned leather and other exotic leathers such as crocodile, Galuchat stingray, eeland python.

Our productions are small, continuous and respect the slowness and quality of authentic craftsmanship.